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    ​What figure is suitable for a strapless wedding dress

    15th Mar 2021

    ​What figure is suitable for a strapless wedding dress

    Strapless wedding dresses are very beautiful and have always been favored by many brides. However, strapless wedding dresses are more attractive, so what figure is suitable for strapless wedding dresses?

    1. What figure is suitable for a strapless wedding dress

    Wedding dresses in strapless style are generally suitable for brides of these types:

    1. Smaller brides

    The bride with thin arms and small upper body frame is very suitable for wearing a strapless wedding dress. Because this kind of wedding dress helps bring out the oriental charm of this kind of bride, because the small skeleton is the unique bone structure of Orientals, so this kind of shoulders is narrow, and the smaller bride wears this kind of wedding dress to highlight the advantages of the body and stunning the wedding. on site.

    Tulle Strapless Ruffles Simple Mermaid Wedding Dress

    2. Skinny bride

    The editor personally likes those girls with very obvious collarbone, and inadvertently adds a sexy taste. So if you are a bit skinny and have a very obvious collarbone, choosing a tube top-style wedding dress is very suitable, I believe it will help you become a beautiful scenery in the wedding!

    Second, how to choose a wedding dress according to your body

    1. Pear-shaped body-streamlined wedding dress on lower body

    Pear-shaped brides generally have a fuller lower body. At this time, you can choose a wedding dress with a streamlined lower body. It can block body defects very well, and visually stretch the legs.

    Simple Lace Strapless Long Mermaid Wedding Dress

    2. Plump body-princess dress wedding dress

    If the bride's figure is relatively plump, then you can choose a princess dress wedding dress. It can cover up the excess flesh of the body, and the slimming effect is very obvious!

    3. Waist thick figure-triangle line wedding dress

    If the bride's abdomen is plump and thicker, you might as well choose a high-waisted, triangular-shaped wedding dress. This is also one of the main styles of Korean wedding dresses and has been very popular over the years.

    Split Asymmetric A-Line Strapless Wedding Dress With Appliques

    4. Butterfly sleeve arm-shawl design wedding dress

    If the arms are very strong and have butterfly sleeves, you can choose a shawl-style wedding dress to cover this defect. The shawl not only plays a role in covering the defects, but also looks very beautiful, and this style is relatively rare, and it will not appear bad.