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    What are the bridal dress styles

    17th Mar 2021

    What are the bridal dress styles

    There are many styles of bridal gowns, with Chinese and Western styles to choose from. Chinese dresses mainly refer to Xiuhe dresses, cheongsams, dragon and phoenix gowns, etc.; while western dresses have a wider range of options, including A-shaped, tube tops, and one-shoulder styles. Here are some specific bridal dresses.

    1. Western-style bridal dress styles 1. Type A For the bride, the A-line dress is a very good choice, the A-line version is relatively simple in lines, not very tight, and inclusive. The upper body is tightly designed to modify the waistline, shoulders and chest, and the lower body's homeopathic wideness highlights the bride's noble and generous temperament and elongates the visual lines.

    Beading Appliques Tulle Off-the-shoulder A-line Wedding Dress

    Suitable for the crowd: suitable for brides of any figure, but also especially for brides with meat on their stomachs.

    2. Tube top dress The tube top style dresses show the sleek design of the waist from the display of the chest line, making the upper body look curvy and chic, protruding the shoulder line and neck line.

    Suitable for the crowd: suitable for girls of medium or good body, not suitable for brides with wider shoulders.

    Two Piece Round Neck Lace Top Short Sleeves Satin Wedding Dress

    3. One-shoulder dress Exposing one shoulder can not only modify the shoulder line, but also add a touch of sexy visually. One shoulder is the highlight of the design, heavy industrial design or with exquisite embroidery embellishment, the whole dress is very textured.

    Suitable for the crowd: Suitable for people with thin and better figures; not suitable for brides with thick arms and fleshy bodies.

    4. Knee-length short dress Although the short dress is not as elegant as the long dress, it is convenient for the bride to move, highlighting the long legs, and the short dress can also set off the pure and moving side of the mother, making the bride look petite and delicate as a whole, with full of liveliness and playfulness.


    Suitable for the crowd: basically brides of all shapes are suitable; brides with thick legs need to try on when choosing.

    5. Fishtail dress The fishtail dress will be subtle and romantic, just like the mermaid princess in a fairy tale. The mermaid dress will narrow the waist, highlighting the bride's graceful curves.

    Suitable for the crowd: Mermaid wedding dresses are suitable for brides who are slender, proportioned, and curvy; not suitable for brides who have a lot of fleshy waist, over-full buttocks and not long enough.