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    Measure Yourself Accurately For Your Prom Dress

    4th Jan 2021

    Measure Yourself Accurately For Your Prom Dress

    While shopping for your perfect prom dress, always prefer to buy it from stores where you have put the dress on and have check its fitting on you. By trying different dresses, you might understand that what you think might suit you, or what looks best in hanger or on status, might not look best on you. So, checking the dress on you would eliminate this risk. On the other hand, if you are buying online that would be a difficult thing. For this you need to measure yourself accurately to buy fitted prom dress. So, find some helping hand and start ensuring yourself.

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    Measure Your Height accurately

    Measuring your height is easy as comparing to other measurements. Take off your shoes and hats and start measuring from your head and till it touch the floor. When you buy a dress also takes into account the length of your heels so that your prom dress might not seem so long or short.

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    Measure your bust accurately

    Your bust size is not your bra size so take that measure seriously. To measure your bust, stand straight and have your hands right your sides and ask your friend to measure your bust. You friend must measure your breast across their apex. Most of the prom dresses usually have inner cups or bras, so take into account your bust size while choosing dresses.

    Measure your waist accurately

    Measure yourself from a little above your belly button, this is known as your natural waistline. Keep your tape a little loses to allow some room for breathing, eating and sitting comfortably. It would be nightmare if your dress is suffocating you on your prom day.

    Measure your Hips Accurately

    To measure your hips accurately, stand straight and your feet flat on the ground. Measure the widest part of your lower body. The tape should cross the middle of both of your hip bones and will usually run at the bottom of your buttocks.

    Now when you have measure yourself perfectly, write down your measures and take these into account while shopping for your dress online.