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    ​How to match colors of bridal dresses

    17th Aug 2021

    ​How to match colors of bridal dresses

    The color of the bridal dress can be selected according to different seasons. Each season has a matching color. In spring, you can choose ivory white and peach color; in summer, you can choose pink purple and aqua blue; in autumn, you can choose maple leaf red and bean paste color; Wine red can be selected in winter.

    1. Color matching skills for bridal dresses 1. Spring The matching effect of spring dresses is to give people a warm, transparent and clean feeling.

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    Matching skills: The color of this season's dress should not be too old or too dark. Bright tones in warm colors should be selected, and the principle of sharp contrast should be followed in color matching.

    Suitable colors are: green, peach, beige, lemon, coral, mint, ivory, etc. If you choose red, you can choose bright red.

    2. Summer The matching effect of summer evening dresses is to make the bride's eyes soft, giving people a refreshing and subtle feeling, suitable for cool colors with blues.

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    Matching skills: This season's dress, you can choose soft and elegant colors. Pay attention to avoid over-contrast tones, it is best to match the shades in the same color system, the effect is better.

    Suitable colors are: gray purple, milky white, pink purple, aqua blue, gem green, jade blue, rose red, etc.

    3. Autumn The matching effect of autumn dress is to give the bride a rich, noble and mature feeling.

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    Matching skills: In autumn, the bride can show a mature and luxurious temperament. The most suitable color for this season's dress is gold, moss green, orange and other colors. If you choose red, choose brick red and a color similar to dark orange. The basic tone of the autumn dress is the calm tone in the warm color system. Therefore, the rich and gorgeous colors can bring out the mature and noble temperament.

    Suitable colors are: all orange, maple red, leaf green, bean paste, golden yellow, cream white, etc.

    4. Winter The matching effect of winter dresses is to make the bride feel pure, bright, and strong cold.

    Matching skills: the first choice for choosing a bridal dress in winter should be a solid color. Because of the four seasons of color matching, winter dresses are the most suitable to use gray, black, and pure white. However, darker colors such as black and gray are rarely used in weddings. When choosing red, you can choose red or wine red. , Rose Red.

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    Suitable colors are: pure white, wine red, rose red and other pure colors.

    2. Recommended bridal dress styles 1. Little dress The little dresses not only bring noble temperament and elegant femininity to women, but also a symbol of taste and status.

    2. Wedding dress is the most high-end, most distinctive, and fully individual dress style among ladies' dresses. Choosing an evening dress with a waist style can fully show good figure and elegant temperament.

    3. Cheongsam Cheongsam can perfectly show women's body lines, highlighting nobility and elegance.

    4. Tube top skirt The tube top skirt can not only show the perfect shoulder line, but also can show the sexy and elegant taste perfectly, exuding a strong romantic atmosphere.

    The color of the dress can be selected according to your own preferences, or you can boldly try the color series that you don't usually wear, and there may be unexpected surprises.