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    ​How to choose a wedding dress for short-haired brides

    25th Aug 2021

    ​How to choose a wedding dress for short-haired brides

    Short-haired brides can be salty or sweet. When choosing a wedding dress, they can take the gentle goddess route or the elegant route, and they can also give full play to the advantages of short hair to carry the cool style to the end. Let's take a look at how to choose a wedding dress for short-haired brides.

    One, gentle goddess style Take the gentle goddess route, you can choose tube top, short, simple, one-shoulder styles.

    1. Tube top wedding dress The tube top off-shoulder style can fully show the bride's graceful neckline and collarbone, highlighting her own delicate features, sexy yet sweet.

    Half Sleeve Ball Gown Appliques Lace Up Tulle Wedding Dress

    2. Short wedding dress Short wedding dresses can expose the legs, which is very suitable for brides with good-looking legs. The wide skirt, knee-length or ankle-length design can set off the bride very smartly and very conveniently.

    3. Simple wedding dress The simple wedding dress avoids cumbersome patterns. The design is simple and mainly highlights the smooth lines. The brief line design can make the overall shape of the short-haired bride neat, clean, calm and graceful.

    Puffy Sleeves Tulle Satin Ball Gown Ruffles Off The Shoulder Wedding Dress

    4. One-shoulder wedding dress One-shoulder wedding dresses are suitable for most girls. Wearing this wedding dress will give people the feeling of a good girl, which can bring out the more gentle side of short-haired brides.

    Two, elegant style The mermaid, high-neck wedding dress, and open-back styles can maximize elegance.

    1. Fishtail Short-haired brides want to create a noble and elegant style. You can't go wrong with a mermaid wedding dress. The mermaid dress design can best show the bride's body curve, and the mermaid dress will limit the bride's movements and make the bride pay more attention to her posture.

    Scoop A Line Sheer Back Applique Tulle Wedding Dress

    2. High neck wedding dress High-neck wedding dresses can make the bride look upright and energetic, and naturally increase the bride's temperament. The high-neck design can also make the empty neckline and shoulder line more abundant, making the bride more elegant and calm.

    3. Backless style The backless wedding dress takes the design of the back as a highlight, which can show the graceful lines of the bride's back, make short-haired brides more sexy, and enhance the overall elegance and fashion sense.

    Sweetheart A Line Sheer Back Lace Tulle Wedding Dress

    Three, cool style For a cool wedding, trouser wedding dresses and one-shoulder styles cannot be missed.

    1. Pants wedding dress Girls with short hair can carry the cool to the end and choose trouser wedding dresses, which are trendy and individual. If you add a big tail behind the wedding dress, it will give people a queen-like feeling.


    2. One-shoulder wedding dress One-shoulder wedding dresses can be worn with an elegant feeling or a very neutral feeling. The short hair style gives people a capable, simple and casual feeling.

    What styles of wedding dresses do brides with short hair like? You can try more and find the style that suits you best.