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    How long in advance will you buy a wedding dress for the bride-to-be in 2023?

    19th Oct 2022

    How long in advance will you buy a wedding dress for the bride-to-be in 2023?

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    I never before believed that we would experience all kinds of material safety. But in recent years, we have encountered shortages ranging from toilet paper to milk powder to building materials and energy. One after another, the epidemic situation in various countries is the closure and control of different regions and the restriction of flights. Changes in all aspects have completely subverted our shopping experience. In the past, you would never have imagined that you would not be able to buy something in the supermarket. Overseas shipping can sometimes take more than a month. There is no doubt that we are going through this.

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    Peripheral wedding products are also affected. Flowers, drinks, and wedding accessories are often in short supply. The production cycle of wedding dresses has also been extended, and many shops have canceled customized services.

    Therefore, we recommend brides-to-be buy their wedding dresses at least nine months in advance to avoid all kinds of emergencies. This way, we will all have enough time to resolve these situations.

    Finding the right wedding dress can sometimes be as tricky as finding the right partner. For some more picky brides, they may try on a dozen or even dozens of wedding dresses and not meet their favorite wedding dresses. So give yourself at least three days to try on the wedding dress. Time is very smooth when choosing a wedding dress style, but you may not be able to get your wedding dress on time. Because the size in the store may not fit you, you need to make some changes. Then you will have problems that challenge logistics. For clothes designed overseas, if shipping is used, the supply chain time will take several weeks, and sometimes it will take several months in exceptional circumstances. It's hard to believe for some very planned brides who receive their gowns two days before their wedding.

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    So we advise brides-to-be to look for dress inspiration on social media. Then, read more about wedding dress shopping. This way, we can significantly shorten the time to choose a wedding dress. This also saves us a fee as expedited orders incur additional costs.

    Not everyone's wedding plans allow for a leisurely schedule. If you think about the wedding dress purchase in advance. You'll have several more channels than a rush-buying bride; you can buy it at your local bridal store or go to a bridal boutique in another city on one trip. In addition, you can also consider buying wedding dresses overseas or online.

    So if you're a bride-to-be and your wedding date is roughly set. So please buy your wedding dress in advance!